Right, this is the first post I have ever made and it is basically going to be briefly about the point of this blog and why I am doing it. This is also going to be pretty brief because I am tired and it is late.

The point of this site is for me and my friends to be able to post links and pictures of things that we like, find funny, weird, slightly sick etc, because I am a little annoyed with continuously emailing things. It is also an attempt to move away from the bane of facebook and to learn a bit about blogging and eventually building a functional website.

Here is a summary of what I have done tonight:

  • setup a wordpress account with a pretty cool name
  • bought a couple of domains that I will eventually link to this wordpress account
  • setup a google apps account so that I can get a free email address(es) with my domain name without paying for them

So what am I going to do next?

  • link to the domain (it is not free apparently)
  • configure my blog so it doesn’t look rubbish
  • provide access to it to my friends
  • start posting silliness

Over and out!