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It recently occurred to me while have a quite involved and slightly drunken conversation in the pub with Mike that science should really be getting around to making this happen. There are not enough research papers on the web about hard-wiring the Internet straight into our brains.

Mental or technical?

This was what Google was saying this about 3 years ago, but there has not been a great deal of articles or even decent discussion about this on the internet since.

This research on here is clearly the start of it, but why is it being done only for the disabled?

The whole concept of the BCI (Brain Computer Interface) is really interesting and something that I would love to be involved in the testing of. I am really for this mainly because it would be ultra cool and better than having to use a fumbling smart phone interface. As a side note I have always thought it would be good to have the phone circuitry plumbed into my body.

So how does it start? First off this shouldn’t be just developed for the disabled, surely this can be monitised and is for the greater good. Secondly connect my brain up now and let’s take a ride on the wave of the internet. Surfing through thousands of pages a second without the need for the tedium of the typing and screens. Obviously if this is done properly we need to actually plumb the output straight into the optic nerve. Some people have been looking at “screenless” (takes a while to load) with the horseshoe crab and other technology, but it is clearly a long way off and I am not sure how far this is going to get?


Let’s see what happens and when it does sign me up.