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This evening I am re-watching the lost treasure that is Hanzo the Razor: Sword of Justice.

The first in a trilogy, Sword of Justice is probably the finest example of Japanese period exploitation film. Of course, you’re probably familiar with the Lady Snowblood trilogy and the Lonewolf and Cub series (or even the latter’s beautiful bastard child Shogun Assassin), which are all great, but if you want more you’ve got to watch this one.

In brief, the film follows the Edo period magistrate as he denounces impotent and corrupt officials, punishes criminals using deadly force, flagellates his penis with a wooden rod, fucks bags of rice and rapes bondage-string-bagged ladies into submission. Add to the mix a cool seventies funky soundtrack and you’ve got yourself the purest piece of ultra-violent/pink/jidaigeki exploitation you’ll ever see.

Hanzo the Razor is very funny, super stylised and totally depraved, which makes for a great Saturday late night movie.