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I really like the Big Bang Theory. By that I mean the US TV show as opposed to the creation of the universe, although that is also pretty cool too, maybe not as funny. Anyway, I was watching the programme a while back and I noticed that they have some pretty cool accessories around their apartment such as the Batman cookie jar and the t-shirts Sheldon wears are always pretty inspired.One tough 80's cube

Well one of the things I really liked was the tissue box that they have which is in the form of the classic 80’s Rubik’s Cube. I really liked it, but after searching all over the classic gadget and geek retailers I couldn’t find what I wanted until I found this site here:


I'd hit thatTurns out this guy makes them and sells them. Unfortunately he only does the Rubik’s Cube and what I really want is the Mario Coin Block, but there are full instructions on how to build one so maybe this could be a project for the future…