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I have include a plugin to help add related images to the blog posts that me and my contributors write. This is basically an easy way to get images that are relevant to the post without having to go to google and “borrow” them from other’s webpages.

There is an article here about the use of Zemanta which shows you how to install it and use it. It is basically using the semantics of the blog post to suggest related images. Pretty neat!Image representing Zemanta as depicted in Crun...

You can find it in the side bar when you create a new post in the admin view right at the bottom, recommended links are shown at the bottom of the post edit window. It not only suggests images, but also related links. For this post it (as you can see here this is not relevant) has not been amazing (see below a couple of the images it suggested), but with some of the other stuff we write about it might start to behave more accurately.

Example image that is not very relevant:

Peasant family of Ramallah. Bauren-familie von...