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A recent conversation with my brother about the new Hobbit movie got us around to talking about the 1977 version of the Hobbit. I haven’t seen it so can’t comment, but did end up looking at the poster and felt it rather “colourful”. This got me thinking about the psychedelic nature of children’s cartoons. I am not sure how kids manage to keep up with the crazy animations, but I suppose that is just me getting old. Anyway this made me think back to this scene:

Don’t ask why I remember this over say He-Man or Thundercats (Sponge Bob is totally over my head), but maybe that it just how my brain works.

One thing that I do remember from my childhood is the amazing Ralph Bakshi masterpiece, Lord of the Rings. It had a dark beauty coupled with some excellent spliced in Rotoscope live action. I would like to encourage the owners of the copyright to finish this animation that sadly stopped at Helm’s Deep. More please…