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Over the weekend we had a couple flurries of snow that, as usual, caused the ridiculous British over-reaction that means total traffic grid lock, people skiving off work, schools being closed and the occasional serious accident while sledging.

Tauntaun dreams

Personally I love the snow and somehow it always seems to bring a smile to my face when I see the gentle white flakes falling majestically out of the sky. This probably harks back to a childhood without snow, but I also love the sound that you get with it. On the one hand that amazing crunch underfoot and on the other the tranquil silence that it brings when all the noises of the city are absorbed around you as though you are in a massive white music studio. Anyway enough of that.

The other memory it triggered was of the antics on the ice planet of Hoth, especially as my wife looked like one of the rebels in her winter coat and hat (picture not authorised for use here). Which got me to thinking as to what really should have happened in that tauntaun in the snow storm. It turns out I am not the only one out there who has thought of this and in fact the following article seems to provide conclusive proof that Luke would have died. Sadly the myth has been broken and  it looks as though the Emperor would still be ruling that galaxy far, far away if the film makers had a basic understanding of science and the way the body reacts to extreme cold.

Incidentally, the snow has stopped falling in Bristol and it looks we are going to get more rain which is a terrible shame, but if you want your very own tauntaun guts experience you can buy one here. All you need now is a wampa, a lightsaber and a massive snow storm.

May the Force be with you!