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I have always been a massive fan of LEGO. I used to love creating space ships, boats and many other types of vehicle. I imagine this is where my roots as an engineer started to grow. My creations were never that beautiful, more functional machines, perhaps beautiful in their own way, but certainly not art.
There are however people who are much more talented than me and take LEGO to the next level. A brilliant exhibition has just launched in New York that has recreated famous works of art, both painting and sculpture, in the versatile medium of LEGO bricks.
I recommend having a browse through the gallery on the artist’s site.
Nathan Sawaya, a LEGO Master Builder, doesn’t work for LEGO but is the only person who has been certified as a LEGO Certified Professional. He became a full-time LEGO builder and artist in 2006 when he quit his job as a lawyer. I really love the idea of dropping a real job presumably earning good money to play with LEGO bricks as a full time “job”. Hats off to you!
Sadly the majority of Nathan’s work is US-based and predominantly in New York so not great for us Europeans, but definitely worth a visit if you happen to be in the Big Apple.