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I only just heard about this hoax from back in 1996 when a physicist managed to get a completely hoax article about quantum gravity published in a respected American journal of postmodern cultural studies.

The story on wikipedia is worth a read and if you have the appetite the article itself makes for amusing 20 minutes. It rather reminds me of some of the “intellectual” discussion that you hear on French radio (France Inter I am thinking of you) which often seem to be lots of hot air masquerading as a intellectual conversation. Maybe it is just my lack of literature culture…

The nice thing about this article was that it really was trying to highlight the importance of peer review for research. Working in scholarly publishing I really recognise why this is such a critical part of the research process and I am very keen that scientists recognise the necessity of have an independent peer review process for the progression of their field. This should be a collaboration and scientists need to remember this.