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Main Authors

Alex (ar8479)

Robot coffee monster

I am a bloke from the UK with a real interest in technology, science, nerd stuff, the internet and general weirdness. Pretty new to blogging, but always interested in new technology and novel ways of doing things.

I am a thirty-something engineer who still acts a little like a child. I live in Bristol and spend time between Bristol and Paris with my wife. I have recently moved to a publishing company having spent a number of years in a more traditional engineering and so I am really enjoying the appetite for change and technology adoption that comes part and parcel with a business where information is their key asset.

Refracted Waves

My brother, isn't he pretty?Refractedwaves is our Korean cultural attaché. He records a (reasonably) regular diary of his egocentric, eccentric and ethnocentric opinion of the Republic of Korea under the banner of Korean Dispatches on The Link Larder. Dispatches is not your average travelogue, but rather an attempt to make sense of the culture shock suffered in the name of making a quick dollar off the back of the hagwon system in South Korea.

He is also my brother and as you may have guessed has recently moved to South Korea for a year to teach English to some super cute little Korean kids. He is a bit of a film buff and is into the more cultured side of life with interests in literature, philosophy, psychology and we both share an interest in people watching.

My Contributors

More to come from the contributors soon…





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