Tonic immobility: orca vs. great white shark


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Not posted on here for a while so I am reinvigorating my blogging. Let’s start with some interesting wildlife documentaries, and this time not about crocodiles. This one is a really interesting documentary about great white’s and killer whales. Definitely worth a watch:

I wonder if tonic immobility in humans could be a good way to release massive amounts of seratonin. Would be cheaper and safer than using drugs… It clearly works with chickens.

Croc in Bristol – the story continues


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For all of those following the Bristol Croc story, you can now start to follow the Bristol Croc on Twitter. He has now created his own twitter account. For this I think the croc deserves to be a “fantastic man”. Nifty keyboard skills for someone with claws.

In other news our local graffiti artists have immortalised the croc (at least until it gets cleaned) eating our mayor, George Ferguson. Goodness me, it doesn’t get more exciting than this in Bristol when it comes to croc news.


More croc news in Bristol



A second sighting of the croc has now been reported. Apparently a second sighting earlier in the week was a hoax, but this is a more reliable source – a middle aged female book-keeper.
Maybe if this continues it might result in some fatalities in the wider Bristol area. Don’t go down to the water’s edge, although who would want to in this weather and with the levels of pollution in the harbour, I don’t know…